Dr.-Ing. Christian Schildbach



91058 Erlangen


  • Rauschmessungen an Schottky-Dioden
  • mm-Wellen Holographie

Neueste Veröffentlichungen
C. Schildbach and L.-P. Schmidt, “13,” in Holographic Imaging Approach, A. Boriskin and R. Sauleau, Eds., Springer International Publishing, 2017.
C. Schildbach, D. Ong, H. Hartnagel and L.-P. Schmidt, “Estimation of frequency conversion efficiency of THz devices using a ballistic electron wave swing circuit model,” Semiconductor Science and Technology, vol. 31, no. 6, pp. 1-7, June 2016.
C. Schildbach and L.-P. Schmidt, “Optimally Shaped Reflectors for Gaussian Beam Transformation,” in Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Antenna Measurements & Applications (CAMA), Nov. 2014.
C. Schildbach, J. Schür and L.-P. Schmidt, “Broadband Detector Array Concept for 3D Holographic Imaging at THz Frequencies,” in Proceedings of the 43rd European Microwave Conference, Nuremberg, Germany, pp. 1243-1246, Oct. 2013.

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