M.Sc. Thomas Multerer



Airbus Group

Neueste Veröffentlichungen
E. Miralles, T. Multerer, A. Ganis, B. Schoenlinner, U. Prechtel, A. Meusling, J. Mietzner, C. Weckerle, H. Esteban, M. Vossiek, M. Loghik and V. Ziegler, “Multifunctional and compact 3D FMCW MIMO radar system with rectangular array for medium-range applications,”, vol. 33, no. 4, pp. 46-54, Apr. 2018.
T. Multerer, U. Prechtel, M. Vossiek and V. Ziegler, “Spectrum-efficient real-time OFDM MIMO Radar for moving target detection in medium-range applications,” in Proceedings of the IEEE MTT-S International Conference on Microwaves for Intelligent Mobility (ICMIM 2018), Munich, Germany, Apr. 2018.
T. Multerer, A. Ganis, U. Prechtel, E. Miralles, A. Meusling, J. Mietzner, M. Vossiek, M. Loghi and V. Ziegler, “Low-Cost Jamming System Against Small Drones Using a 3D MIMO Radar Based Tracking,” in Proceedings of the 14th European Radar Conference EuRAD, Oct. 2017.

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